Life is a Chaos

Life is a chaos…. Somewhere there is a blooming happiness while somewhere lingers the dark clouds of sadness. Someone is laughing and somewhere in this world, someone can’t hold back their tears. A part of this world is drowned in sweet symphonies, while there is the other part, echoing with sobs and pleads. Will this… Continue reading Life is a Chaos

How beautiful the Creator must be!

Sometimes I feel intimidated by the vastness of this sky, a glorious sun on the horizon, the fluffy clouds dispersed in different directions, the millions of stars it holds and the magnificent moon whose bright, unmatched luminescence chase away the darkness. But at the same time, I am fascinated by the nature and the beauty… Continue reading How beautiful the Creator must be!

That Moment

Have you ever reflected under the night sky Filled with brilliant stars and a Moon, so high About the days that have passed by The days, marked with pure joy The memories forever etched in mind Reminding us of a never returning time You can almost touch that moment Echoing laughter Joyful hearts Smiling faces… Continue reading That Moment

We Forgive But Don’t Forget

Things are easier said than done. It’s not always easy to forgive someone and move on in your life. There is a saying that time is the best healer. With passing time, our deepest wounds heal but they always leave a scar. People’s hurtful words and actions give us constant reminders and always bring us… Continue reading We Forgive But Don’t Forget


Trapped in the dungeon of miseries and calamitiesEnveloped by darkness of inhumanity and agonyBurdened by cruelty and injusticeCourage is what it takes to stand up and speak


Today my heart shattered again and there was no one to hold its broken pieces together again I drowned in the dark sea of sorrow and hopelessness and there I found no one to pull me back to the shore I screamed with pain but there was no one to comfort my agonizing soul Today… Continue reading Oppression

I didn’t realize my strength until I knew pain

Just when everything became unbearable, God fixed me. He put my broken pieces together and gave me a new identity. The pain was essential for me to grow and survive. Had I not gone through the struggle, I wouldn’t have discovered my strength and my true self, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you… Continue reading I didn’t realize my strength until I knew pain

I Pray For a World Where Humanity Never Fades

Do we belong in this world? The place full of darknessSplattered with bloodEchoing with screamsClouds of Uncertainty looming above Do our souls belong in this world? Tattered with worldly desiresHaunted by luxuriesRuined with lustShattered by broken promises Do our hearts belong in this world? A broken piece of artBlotted with rancorFilled with agonizing painLonging for… Continue reading I Pray For a World Where Humanity Never Fades

Jealousy can be a mean for you to have a stronger faith

In one of his books, Ashfaq Ahmad mentions the definition of jealousy. He says ; Jealousy is when you disagree over God’s distribution; such a profound statement.Generally, jealousy is felt as a negative emotion and it tastes bitter. It is as if something dark has enveloped your heart.But instead of letting jealousy poison your heart,… Continue reading Jealousy can be a mean for you to have a stronger faith